6506-21 - Description Hot In-Place Recycling (HIR)...

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Hot In-Place Recycling (HIR) Construction (From “Pavement Recycling Guidelines for State and Local Governments” by NCAT) Description ± On site, Hot In-Place Method That Rehabilitates Deteriorated Asphalt Pavements and Thereby Minimizes Use of New Materials ± Depth Recycled: 20-50 mm (25 mm Most Common) 4 Basic Steps ± Softening Pavement with Heat ± Scarification or Mechanical Removal of Softened Material ± Mixing with Recycling Agent, New Aggregate, New Binder, or New Mix ± Laydown and Paving Advantages of HIR ± Pavement Geometrics Preserved ± Corrects Surface Distresses Not Caused by Structural Inadequacy ± Can Modify Existing Surface Mix Advantages of HIR ± Can Improve Surface Frictional Resistance ± Relatively Cheap ± Needs Minimal Traffic Control HIR Processes ± Surface Recycling ± Repaving ± Remixing
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Surface Recycling ± Rehabilitation Process That Restores Cracked, Brittle, and Irregular Pavement in Preparation for a Final Thin Wearing Course
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6506-21 - Description Hot In-Place Recycling (HIR)...

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