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CGN 6506 MIX DESIGN PROBLEM NO.1 FALL 2007 ASPHALT MIX DESIGN USING THE MARSHALL METHOD An aggregate blend for an asphalt concrete is composed 35, 36 and 29 % of aggregates A, B & C, with specific gravities of 2.46, 2.48 and 2.67, respectively. The maximum aggregate size is 1 inch. This aggregate blend is to be used with an asphalt cement whose specific gravity is 1.01. The results of a 75-blow Marshall test are as follows: % AC by BSG of Stability Flow wt. of mix mix (lbs) (0.01 in.) ____________________________________________ 4.5 2.257 940
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Unformatted text preview: 8 5.0 2.282 1270 10 5.5 2.301 1500 12 6.0 2.305 1610 15 6.5 2.295 1530 19 ____________________________________________ The theoretical maximum specific gravity of the asphalt mixture at 5.5% AC was determined to be 2.393. Assume that the asphalt absorption for the aggregate is the same at all asphalt level. Determine the optimum asphalt content to be used with this aggregate blend on the basis of the Asphalt Institute criteria for Heavy Traffic. Show the six plots of mix properties versus %AC, as needed in the Marshall Mix Design Method....
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