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REVIEW QUESTIONS FOR TEST NO. 3 - Part 3 FALL 2008 ASPHALT CHEMISTRY 1. List the most commonly found elements in asphalt molecules. 2. What are the characteristics of polar groups in asphalt molecules? 3. Describe conceptually how an asphalt can be separated into the following components: (A) Asphaltene (B) Oil (C) Resin Describe also the characteristics of these three components. 4. Describe asphalt as a colloidal system. 5. Describe the Chemical Precipitation Method of Analysis of asphalt (or Rostler Analysis) and
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Unformatted text preview: the possible applications of the results of this analysis. 6. Describe Corbett's Method of Asphalt Fractionation by Adsorption-Desorption, and the possible applications of the results of this analysis. 7. Describe how asphalt could be characterized by molecular size distribution. 8. What are the possible applications of infrared spectral analysis of asphalt?...
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