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Unformatted text preview: Middle America Middle Intro to Middle America Intro What is it? Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean Key Features 2 regions: Rimland and Mainland “Latin” America? Kinda sorta Poverty (generally) Source of wealth is land, not capital (physical Source or human) or Regions of Middle America Regions Mexico Greater Antilles Lesser Antilles Central America A Map Middle America – Physical Geography Geography Land Bridge Archipelago Islands Natural Hazards Earthquakes Volcanoes Hurricanes Let’s Remember … Earthquakes and Volcanoes Hurricanes COLONIAL SPHERES Mainland vs. Rimland – what do you notice is different? Mainland / Rimland Model Mainland Mainland European – Indian Influence Isolation Hacienda Economic Activity Rimland European – African Influence Easily Accessible Easily Plantation Economic Activity Mainland vs. Rimland Mainland MAINLAND RIMLAND LOCATION GREATER ISOLATION GREATER GREATER ACCESSIBILITY ACCESSIBILITY CLIMATE ALTITUDINAL ZONATION TROPICAL PHYSIOGRAPHY MOUNTAINS ISLANDS CULTURE EURO / INDIAN EURO / AFRICAN RACE RACE MESTIZO MESTIZO MULATTO LANDHOLDING LANDHOLDING PATTERNS HACIENDAS HACIENDAS PLANTATION Hacienda vs. Plantation Hacienda Hacienda Spanish Prestige over efficiency Self-sufficiency over profit Multiple crops Plantation Northern European origin, but Northern occurred most places occurred Cash Crops for export Imported labor (slaves) and capital Efficiency ...
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