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Unformatted text preview: The Indian The Indian Subcontinent MAJOR GEOGRAPHIC MAJOR GEOGRAPHIC QUALITIES OF SOUTH ASIA • • • • • • Well defined Population! Poor (mostly) Rural, mostly Strong cultural regionalism Boundary problems THE REALM • • • • • Five Regions India Pakistan Bangladesh Mountainous North Southern Islands What climate variables help to explain this distribution? Monsoons Monsoons CULTURE CULTURE • • • Culturally fragmented Diversity! Religious and Linguistic Religious Patterns – Islam ­ Pakistan and Bangladesh. – Hinduism ­ India. – Sikhism – N. India. – Buddhism ­ Sri Lanka. RELIGION LANGUAGES HINDUISM HINDUISM • • • • • Not just a religion Intricate web of culture No common creed No single doctrine No rigid narrow moral code BUDDHISM BUDDHISM • • • Reform of Hinduism Self­Knowledge Desire = Suffering E. J. PALKA FOUR NOBLE TRUTHS FOUR NOBLE TRUTHS • • Sorrow and suffering are part of all life. People suffer because they desire things they cannot have. • The way to escape suffering is to end desire, to stop wanting, and to reach a stage of not wanting. • To end desire, follow the “middle path,” i.e., the path that avoids the extremes of too much pleasure and desire. PARTITION AND ISLAM Challenges: •Stability •Refugees RELIGIOUS CONTRASTS RELIGIOUS CONTRASTS • ISLAM – – – – – – – – – Monotheistic No idols One sacred book Uniform dogma ­ 5 pillars Intolerant (of other religions) Eat beef Bury Dead Social Equality Theocratic society • HINDUISM – – – – – – – – – Polytheistic Many idols Various sacred writings Varying beliefs Absorbed other religions Venerate cows Burn dead (& alive) Caste separation “State” of secondary importance India Divides (1947) India West Pakistan East Pakistan Pakistan Pakistan • • • • • • Islamic Republic of Pakistan 80% Sunni, 16% Shi’a Rural Poor Role of military America and Pakistan? E. J. PALKA E. J. PALKA Bangladesh Bangladesh Bangladesh • • • • • • Independent in 1971 Formerly E. Pakistan 85% Muslim, 12% Hindu App. 150M people HUGE population density $1870 per capita (really poor!) Bangladesh Bangladesh • • • • Very, very low tech One of the world’s poorest states Corruption, Corruption, Corruption Agricultural economy ­ Rice Mountainous North Mountainous North Sri Lanka Sri Lanka • • • 20M People Plantations: Tea, Rubber, Coconuts South (Majority of population) • Aryan • Buddhist • Speak Sinhala (Indo­European) • North (18% of the population) • Dravidian • Hindu • Tamil (not Indo­European) E. J. PALKA E. J. PALKA E. J. PALKA E. J. PALKA E. J. PALKA Sri Lanka • Sinhalese vs. Tamils • Tamils demanded equal rights: ­­ Education ­­ Employment ­­ LAND OWNERSHIP ­­ LANGUAGE AND POLITICS • Insurgent state – has its own • navy and air force! Tamil Tigers ...
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