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NAME ___________________________ BIOLOGY 205/SECTION 7 DEVELOPMENT- Liljegren Problem set 7 1.) Name the key biological processes with the following starting and ending molecules: Transcription Splicing Translation DNA RNA mRNA protein 2.) The following organisms are common models for investigating developmental biology questions: Write letter(s) here __ B,E ___ (A) Brassica oleracea (B) Arabidopsis thaliana (C) Lumbricus terrestris (D) Tabanus sulcifrons (E) Caenorhabditis elegans 3.) Circle either T or F and for any that is/are false, indicate briefly why in the space below. a. T F Different cell types contain some of the same genes. ___ all (red blood cells start off containing the same genes too) ______________________ b. T F P-granules are asymmetrically localized within the Dicty ostelium fruit body . _________ worm embryo ___________________________________________________ c. T F Proteins are usually larger than genes packed in chromatin. _________ smaller
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