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NAME ___________________________ BIOLOGY 205/SECTION 7 DEVELOPMENT- Liljegren Problem set 8 1.) Circle either T or F and for any that is/are false, indicate briefly why in the space below. a. T F Germ cell progenitors are asymmetrically localized to the anterior side of fly embryos. _________ posterior ___________________________________________________ b. T F An influx of Na+ induces the release of cortical granules in fertilized eggs. ____ Release of Ca2+ from intracellular storage _________________________________ c. T F Exocytosis of the acrosomal vesicle blocks polyspermy. ____________ cortical granules _________________________________________ 2.) The relationship of the size of the Zebrafish genome to the Drosophila genome is like which of the following genome relationships: Write letter(s) here ___ C _____ (A) Arabidopsis to Zebrafish (B) Mouse to Xenopus (C) Xenopus to Arabidopsis (D) C. elegans to mouse (E) Drosophila to C. elegans 3.) We discussed rules of evidence in Developmental Biology.
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