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NAME ___________________________ BIOLOGY 205/SECTION 7 DEVELOPMENT- Liljegren Problem set 9 1.) What critical interaction set up by cortical rotation in a fertilized Xenopus egg determines the site of gastrulation? ______________________________________________________ What axis is set up by the frog’s mother? _____________________________ What axis is set up by sperm entry? _________________________________ 2.) Mark each of the following questions as T or F and for any that is/are false, indicate briefly why in the space below. a. T F The juxtaposition of vegetal pole cortex with animal pole cytoplasm forms the key area called the gray crescent in unfertilized frog eggs. _________________________________________________________________________ b. T F Through her transplantation experiments in newt embryos, Hilde Mangold discovered that the gray crescent area is the organizer. _________________________________________________________________________ c. T F Ventral vegetal cells of a 32-cell frog embryo are able to induce animal cap cells to
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