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NAME ___________________________ BIOLOGY 205/SECTION 7 DEVELOPMENT- Liljegren Problem set 10 1.) Molting is initiated by pulses of ________ 20E __________________ in an insect’s “blood”. If this molecule is present and ___ juvenile hormone ______ produced by the __ corpus allatum __________ is present at high levels, the insect will ___________ __________ molt into the next larval stage _______________________________. 2.) For each statement, circle T or F. For any that are false, indicate briefly why in the space below. a. T F Defects in maternal imprinting of the human Igf2r gene causes Beckwith- Weidermann syndrome. _____________________________ Igf2 _______________________________________ b. T F Genes that are transcribed in a particular cell type are more tightly wrapped up in chromatin. ________________________ less tightly _________________________________________ c. T F Gene expression is positively correlated with histone acetylation. ___________________________________________________________________________ d.
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