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2011Probset12key - NAME BIOLOGY 205/SECTION 7 DEVELOPMENT...

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NAME ___________________________ BIOLOGY 205/SECTION 7 DEVELOPMENT- Liljegren Problem set 12 1.) You’re a scientist in a lab studying Waardenburg’s syndrome I and II. a) What gene(s) could you knockout to generate mouse models of these syndromes? ____ Pax3, Mitf __________________________ b) ES cells, which are crucial for this procedure, are derived from what cell type in blastocyst embryos? ____ inner cell mass ___________________ c) What rare event in ES cells will replace one wildtype copy of your selected gene with your “knockout” gene? ____ homologous recombination _______________ d) How would you identify the ES cells in which this rare event had occurred? Insert neomycin marker into your gene to provide a way to select for whether knockout allele is present. After introducing your knockout plasmid into ES cells, grow them with neomycin in the media to select for cells in which rare homologous recombination had replaced the endogenous gene with your knockout version. Cells that have knockout allele would be able to survive, cells without knockout allele incorporated would die.
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