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Exam III 2007 Key

Exam III 2007 Key - Biology 205 Exam III April 4 2007 1 a...

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Biology 205 Exam III, April 4, 2007 1. a) observe Ca ++ wave; inject EGTA which chelates Ca ++ , prevent cortical reaction; inject Ca ++ or IP 3 , induce cortical reaction b) cortical reaction; oocyte activation (start cell division) 2. a) iii → iv → v → i → ii b) i) ER; ii) cytosol or nucleus; iii) plasma membrane; iv) plasma membrane-associated (cell cortex); v) plasma-membrane associated (cell cortex) 3. a) b) 4. a) culture cells with other cells or basal lamina extracellular matrix (to mimic stem cell niche) b) treat stem cells with mesoderm inducing factors (i.e. BMPs, activin) or incubate with endoderm c) i) 500; ii) 20,000 Northern hybridizations, 1 for each gene; iii) 1 assay using 2 RNA pools (stem cell RNA, skin cell RNA) or 2 assays if doing them separately and later comparing microarray results d) blastocoel heart stomach placenta (not depicted in right figure) stomach blastocoel Skin stem cell - specific promoter GFP coding sequence Selectable marker, i.e. Neo R
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