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NAME ___________________________________ BIOLOGY 205, SECTION 006 EXAM 2 SPRING 2010 + PRINT YOUR NAME AT THE TOP OF EVERY PAGE. + USE A PEN, NOT PENCIL. + SIGN THE HONOR PLEDGE AT THE END OF THE EXAM. + QUESTIONS WILL BE GRADED ON BOTH HOW CORRECT AND HOW COMPLETE YOUR ANSWER IS. + PLEASE USE ONLY THE ALLOTTED SPACE TO ANSWER EACH QUESTION. BE CONCISE. 1. (2 points) What is the term for short-range cell-cell communication via secreted local mediators that act on adjacent cells? (A) Endocrine signaling (B) Paracrine signaling (C) Contact-dependent signaling (D) Delta-Notch signaling 2. (2 points) A small molecule that is formed in the cytosol, or released into it, in response to an extracellular signal and that helps to relay the signal to the interior of the cell. (A) Neurotransmitter (B) Tyrosine kinase (C) GTP-binding protein (D) Second messenger 3. (2 points) Communicating cell-cell junction that allows ions and small molecules to pass from the cytoplasm of one cell to the cytoplasm of the next. (A) Gap junction (B) Desmosome (C) Contact-dependent signaling (D) Enzyme-coupled receptor 4. (2 points) Protein composed of three subunits, one of which is activated by the binding of GTP. (A) Ras (B) Cyclic-AMP-dependent kinase (PKA) (C) G-protein-coupled receptor (GPCR) (D) Heterotrimeric G protein 5. (2 points) Protein that contributes to the desensitization of GPCRs by binding to their intracellular domain after they have been activated by ligand binding. (A) IP3 receptor (B) Arrestin (C) Protein kinase C (D) Adenylyl cyclase
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6. (2 points) Cell surface receptor that activates a tyrosine kinase that is noncovalently bound to the receptor. (A) Cytokine receptor (B) Receptor tyrosine kinase (C) TGFbeta receptor (D) SMAD family 7. (2 points) A kinase that is involved in intracellular signaling pathways activated by cell surface receptors that phosphorylates inositol phospholipids. (A) Janus kinase (JAK)
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Practice-Exam2 - NAME _ BIOLOGY 205, SECTION 006 EXAM 2...

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