Module 1, Unit 1.2 - Scientific Method Assignment

Module 1, Unit 1.2 - Scientific Method Assignment -...

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Scientific Method Assignment By Jessica Cos What is the scientific method? The scientific method is the organization of the process of the investigation of hypotheses. It describes the procedure of assuming and testing these hypotheses. What are the steps in the scientific method? The steps in the scientific method include identifying the problem, forming a hypothesis, making observations and testing hypothesis by performing experiments, organizing and analyzing data. From that, if the observations support the hypothesis, the hypothesis becomes a theory and is tested with more observations and experiments. If the theory holds true, it becomes a law. If it does not hold true, the hypothesis is revised and new experiments are created. How do scientists use the scientific method? Scientists use the scientific method by developing experiments to test the truth of hypotheses. Afterwards, they collect data from the experiments and develop a conclusion that states whether or not the hypothesis is correct. If the hypothesis is not correct,
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Unformatted text preview: scientists develop new hypotheses and set up new experiments. If they happen to come across a hypothesis that appears to be correct, with repetitions of the experiment, it can be proven to be a theory. For this part of the assignment, I have chosen the question, “How does acid rain affect plants?” This question can be answered in a number of ways but one of them is with the scientific method. An experiment that could test how acid rain affects plants could be to put certain substances with acidity equal to that of acid rain onto plants. With this action, you could see how the plants react to the acidity. This would either prove or disprove a hypothesis about how acid rain affects plants. You could also find plants in areas prone to acid rain and test the reaction to the acid rain. Resource site:
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Module 1, Unit 1.2 - Scientific Method Assignment -...

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