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Chapter 1 - Chapter 1 M IS 1 People 2 Information 3 IT...

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Chapter 1 MIS 1. People 2. Information 3. IT Business/Tech Process 1. Asses competition 2. Determine business strategy 3. Identify supporting business processes 4. Align technological tools with those business processes Info Resource 1. Data – raw facts 2. Information – data given meaning within a context 3. Business Intelligence (BI) – collective information that allows one to make business decisions 4. Knowledge – non quantifiable, builds on the previous three, the intangible ability to make BI work for you. Information Quality 1. Timeliness – when u need and relating to the correct time period 2. Location – accessible 3. Form – accurate (not GIGO) and in a usable form (video, text, etc.) 4. Validity – is it from a credible source Organizational Perspective on Information
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1. Upward – as info travels upward, it gets coarser and more generalized 2. Downward – as info travels downward, it goes from strategy, to tactics, to operational details 3. Horizontal – the collective knowledge of co-functioning teams must be
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