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Decision Support Systems (DSS) – flexible, interactive system designed to help with non- structured decision-making; user must be able to use interpret DSS analysis Geographic Information Systems (GIS) – allow you to see information spatially, or in map form Phases of Decision Making 1. Intelligence 2. Design 3. Choice 4. Implementation Structured Decision – right and wrong answer Non-structured Decision – several “right” options, judgment call Recurring Decision – happens repeatedly Ad hoc Decision – one you make infrequently Artificial Intelligence (AI) – science of making machines imitate human thinking and behavior Expert Systems (ES) – applies reasoning capabilities to reach diagnostic and prescriptive conclusions Neural Networks (ANN) – finds and differentiates patterns Fuzzy Logic (FL) – a mathematical method of solving subjective information Genetic Algorithms – mimics evolutionary process of selection, crossover, and mutation to generate better solutions to a problem 4 Types of Agent-Based Technologies – software that helps you do repetitive computer-related tasks 1. Information Agent – search for information of some kind and bring it back Shopping bot
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2. Monitoring and Surveillance (Predictive) Agents – observe and report on some entity of interest 3. Data-mining Agent – operates in a data warehouse discovering information 4. User (Personal) Agent – takes action on your behalf Prioritize emails and fill out forms Biomimicry – adapting human organizations to model ecosystem characteristics Agent-based Modeling – a way of simulating human organizations using multiple simple- rule, adaptable intelligent agents Multi-agent system – groups of intelligent agents have the ability to work independently
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MIST Test 2 Study Guide - Decision Support Systems (DSS) f...

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