NIMIX 2020 Test 1 Review

NIMIX 2020 Test 1 Review - WWAN cellular network WLAN WiFi...

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WWAN – cellular network WLAN – WiFi and WiMax WPAN – Bluetooth Synergy – summation of the energies of various parts MMv – Mobile Media Ventures Charles Babbage – planned early mechanical computer but never built Ferroxcube – iron compound either charged positively or negatively as a bit Byte – 8 bits Papa Johns – related to magnetic Diskettes and credit card magnetic strips Color: 1 Pixel = 3 Bytes: 1 Red, 1 Blue, 1 Green Sound Bits: snap shots of sound pressure: 44.1 KH = 44100 snap shots per second Bits travel at the speed of electricity = speed of sound reCaptcha – converting atoms to bits Thales of Miletus – rubbed amber with cloth to make feathers float William Gilbert – wrote On the Magnet ; charged amber, glass, crystal, and wax by rubbing together; termed the charge “electricus” = like amber Otto von Guericke – created spinning sulfur globe to float feathers Francis Hawksbee – made sparks with a spinning glass globe Pieter van Musschenbroek – created Leyden Jar = first battery Ben Franklin – killed turkeys using electric shock Georg Richman – died doing the Ben Franklin kite and key in the lightning storm thing Volta – created Volta’s Electric Pile = first generator of steady electric current as opposed to single charge Abbe Nollet – discovered the speed of electric current by shocking chains of watching and observing their simultaneous reactions Hans Christian Oersted – discovered electromagnetism by using a heated volta electric pile to swing attract a compass
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Michael Farady – generated current by putting magnets near coiled wires Thomas Edison – Incandescent Light Bulb Direct Current vs. Alternating Current = Thomas Edison (DC) vs. Thomas Westinghouse (AC) Samuel Morse – invented telegraph – information can travel faster than man George R. Stibitz converted decimal to binary system first remote computing b/w Dartmouth and Bell Labs in NY computer phone connection ARPA – Advanced Research Projects Agency Joseph Licklider – head of research at ARPA, began work on global network called ARPANET Rand Study and Paul Baran – pushed for backup communication system in case of an attack on the US LOGWIN – test of ARPANET – G didn’t come through Ray Tomlinson – worked for BBN and invented email, used @ (QWERTYIOP) Vinton Cerf Transmission Control Project (TCP) a “Protocol for Packet Transmission” and 1 st use of internet ; came up with routing system using IP address ’ for computer identification
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NIMIX 2020 Test 1 Review - WWAN cellular network WLAN WiFi...

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