Congressional Members - T he Electoral Logic of...

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The Electoral Logic of Congressional Members Representation by Geographic Area o Pork Barrel Projects Who Serves in Congress? Congressional members are not “representative” of the public at large o Most are college graduates (41% have law degrees) o Many have business/legal backgrounds, but most come from professional fields in general o Most held prior elected office o Middle-Aged o Women and racial minorities continue to be underrepresented How Do Members Decide How to Vote? Personal Values o Ideological Predispositions Constituency Influence Party Influence o Presidential Support Representation Trustee (Burkean) o Representative should vote conscience Delegate o Representative should vote with constituents The Georgia General Assembly
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Bi-cameral Legislature o House of Representatives At least 180 member Average District: 40,000 o The Senate Not more than 56 members Average District: 125,000 Party Control of the Legislature Since Reconstruction the Democrats had maintained control of both the
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Congressional Members - T he Electoral Logic of...

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