Judicial Selection

Judicial Selection - 4(III.b State Courts Juvenile Courts...

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Judicial Selection Appointment o President o Qualifications? o Senatorial Courtesy Confirmation o Senate (Simple Majority) Term o Tenured for life Constitutional and Statutory Control Judicial Selection Impeachment Statute Reformulation Constitutional Amendments Judicial Organization The Federal Judiciary and National Policymaking Who guards the guardian? There are limitations o Constitutional limits o Internal, organizational weaknesses of the judiciary o Public Opinion The Georgia Judiciary System 1) (I) Court of Last Resort (Appellate Jurisdiction) 2) (II) Intermediate Appellate Court (Appellate Jurisdiction) 3) (III.a.) State Trial Courts (General Jurisdiction) 4) (III.b.) State Trial Courts (Limited Jurisdiction)
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5) (III.c.) Local County Trial Courts (Limited Jurisdiction) 1) Georgia Supreme Court 2) Court of Appeals 3) (III.a.) Superior Courts (49 Circuits)
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Unformatted text preview: 4) (III.b.) State Courts, Juvenile Courts, Probate Courts, Magistrate Courts 5) (III.c.)Municipal Courts Court Characteristics • Georgia Supreme Court o 7 Justices (Six Justices + Chief Justice) o Six-Year Staggered Terms • Court of Appeals o 10 Judges (Three Divisions + Chief Judge) o Six-Year Staggered Terms Method of Judicial Selection • Partisan Elections • Non-Partisan Elections • Merit Selection (Missouri Plan) • Gubernatorial Selection • Legislative Selection Methods of Judicial Selection – Georgia • Non-partisan Elections o Supreme Court, Court of Appeals, Superior Courts, State Courts • Other: Appointment/Partisan Election • Gubernatorial Appointment o Vacancies from resignations, retirements, or deaths or the creation of new courts/positions...
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Judicial Selection - 4(III.b State Courts Juvenile Courts...

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