The Bureaucracy - The Bureaucracy Development of the...

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The Bureaucracy Development of the Federal Bureaucracy o The Constitution and Executive Branch Organization o The Dilemma of Delegation Advantages Disadvantages o The Resolution Delegation with institutional controls The Power of the Purse The Spoils System o Described the Federal Bureaucracy during most of the 19 th Century o Employment based on partisan loyalty o The Beginnings of Bureaucratization Characteristics of Bureaucracy o According to Max Weber, bureaucracies embody: Hierarchical structures (chain-of-command) A division of labor/specialization A consistent set of abstract rules Impersonality (Neutrality) A career system (merit-based) Specified goals Civil Service Reform o Increasingly Complex Problems Short-Term Amateurs o Government reform was called for by the public
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o The Pendleton Act 1883 This law provides the basis of the modern civil service Employment based on competence, neutrality, and protection from partisanship Bureaucratic Problems of Another Sort o Career civil service led to its own problems Productivity Difficult to reward or punish civil servants Responsiveness Hiding among the layers of bureaucracy and mountains of red tape Power to Obstruct Policy Development of personal/institutional interests Expertise can shield actions from external oversight
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The Bureaucracy - The Bureaucracy Development of the...

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