The Road to Independence

The Road to Independence - The Road to Independence...

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The Road to Independence Geography Home Rule – self sufficiency, autonomy A Legacy of Self Government Colonial Assemblies Initiate Laws Levy Taxes Advantages - Elective politicians experienced in negotiating collective agreements - Ample experience in constitution writing Limitations to Colonial Home Rule No experience in regulating commerce No independent military Little experience in foreign relations Little experience working together The Home Rule System Strained French and Indian War/Seven Year's War Drained Britain economically Britain enacts new revenue laws and administrative decrees Colonists viewed these actions as a violation of home rule First Continental Congress This body promptly passed resolutions condemning British taxes and administrative degrees Adopted a Declaration of American Rights Sought a return to home rule Agreement to ban all trade with Britain until it rescinded taxes and regulations Second Continental Congress War with Britain breaks out The Continental Congress becomes the national government Coordination First Action: Instructed the colonies to reconstitute themselves as state governments utilizing republican principles. Declaration of Independence (1776) America's First Constitution: The Articles of Confederation Our first government (1781-89) was a confederation Created a new, permanent Congress (one house, unicameral) in which each state received one vote Powers: Created and appointed executives, judges, and military officers Make war and peace Conduct foreign relations Borrow and print money
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The Road to Independence - The Road to Independence...

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