Commercial Banking Article Summary #3

Commercial Banking Article Summary #3 - ASSIGNMENT COVER...

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ASSIGNMENT COVER SHEET ASSIGNMENT COVER SHEET Excellence with Caring FIN 4324-301 FIN 4324-301 Commercial Banking Administration Commercial Banking Administration Dr Michael M. Campbell Dr Michael M. Campbell Assignment Title: Article Summary #3 Student’s Name: Nicole F. Crowell Date: March 29, 2011 Assignment Grade: _______________ Spring 2011 Spring 2011
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Chapter 15 and An Overview of the Changing Financial Services Sector Fitzpatrick, Dan. (2010) Banks Gets Fed’s Nod to Pay Dividends. Wall Street Journal Online. After the credit crisis during from 2007 to the beginning of 2009, the federal banking regulators created a forward looking economic assessments or what some people referred to as a bank “stress test”. This test were designed to see how some of the largest banks would react to adverse external conditions. This assessment asked the banks to determine how their finances would be affected under a more “basic” scenario as well as an “adverse” scenario. This assessment included such questions as how would the bank fair if the economy shrinks, if unemployment rises, and if home prices drop. After the assessment, the banks were given
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Commercial Banking Article Summary #3 - ASSIGNMENT COVER...

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