Commercial Banking Article Summary (TJ)

Commercial Banking Article Summary (TJ) - ASSIGNMENT COVER...

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ASSIGNMENT COVER SHEET ASSIGNMENT COVER SHEET Excellence with Caring FIN 4324-301 FIN 4324-301 Commercial Banking Administration Commercial Banking Administration Dr Michael M. Campbell Dr Michael M. Campbell Assignment Title: Article Summary Student’s Name: Thomas J. Brown II Date: April 13 th , 2011 Assignment Grade: _______________ Spring 2011 Spring 2011
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Chapter 20 and International Banking and the Future of Banking and Financial Services Widener, David. (2011) An App for That? Five Ways Banks could learn from Apple’s iPad; What do we care about more than Gadgets? Money! So Why are Banks So Boring? Wall Street Journal Online. Constantine, Greg. (2010) Five Ways to Sell Gen Y on your bank. ABA Banking Journal. The authors of Bank Management & Financial Services discuss the importance of using multimedia in order for banks to continue to attract and maintain a loyal consumer base. In Chapter 20, it specifically mentions that it is usually the larger, nationwide or global financial institutions that will be able to effectively use this “mass advertising and aggressive sales
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Commercial Banking Article Summary (TJ) - ASSIGNMENT COVER...

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