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ENGL 483: Writing in the Elementary Classroom Thursday, February 3, 2011 The students will KNOW their own attitudes about writing ideas on establishing a writing community in the classroom the different levels of literacy development the different components of transitional literacy The students will UNDERSTAND that all content areas and grade levels need writing instruction each student will have his/her own writing history community must be established for meaningful writing to take place literacy takes many forms The students will BE ABLE TO participate in community building activities generate ideas about teaching writing
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Unformatted text preview: • generate ideas about their own and about students’ writing • participate in class discussion Agenda 1. Learning Logs (11:00-11:10) 2. Literacy Issues and Stages (11:10-11:35) 3. Focus: Transitional Literacy (11:35-11:55) 4. Base Groups (11:55-12:15) Base Group Goals 1. Discover one thing you all have in common. 2. Discover something that is different about each of you. 3. Name your group (if you so desire). 4. How will you organize yourselves? 5. Create a list of three-five goals and/or expectations you have and all sign it. This will be your group contract; please submit this to me....
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