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Class 10 - • community must be established for meaningful...

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ENGL 483: Writing in the Elementary Classroom Tuesday, March 1, 2011 The students will KNOW their own attitudes about writing what students need in order for writing to be meaningful ideas on establishing a writing community in the classroom The students will UNDERSTAND that all content areas and grade levels need writing instruction each student will have his/her own writing history literacy takes many forms
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Unformatted text preview: • community must be established for meaningful writing to take place The students will BE ABLE TO • generate ideas about their own and about students’ writing • participate in class discussion • participate in base groups Agenda 1. Reflection Statements (11:00-11:05) 2. Writing Triangle (11:05-11:15) 3. Why Do We Write? (11:15-11:35) 4. Personal Stories (11:35-11:50) 5. Poetry (11:50-12:15)...
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