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Class 15 - The students will BE ABLE TO • participate in...

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ENGL 483: Writing in the Elementary Classroom Tuesday, March 22, 2011 The students will KNOW their own attitudes about writing what students need in order for writing to be meaningful ideas on establishing a writing community in the classroom the complexities involved in evaluating writing The students will UNDERSTAND that all content areas and grade levels need writing instruction each student will have his/her own writing history community must be established for meaningful writing to take place evaluating writing is a crucial part of meaningful writing instruction
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Unformatted text preview: The students will BE ABLE TO • participate in community building activities • generate ideas about teaching writing • generate ideas about their own and about students’ writing • participate in class discussion Agenda 1. New Learning Log Assignment (11:00-11:20) 2. Assessment Philosophy (11:20-11:30) 3. Grading Communication Triangle (11:30-11:40) 4. Purpose and Evaluation (11:40-11:55) 5. Sample Evaluations (11:55-12:15) Each group needs a copy of all of the SOL’s for its assigned grades: 11:00 K-1 Elizabeth 2 Kristen 3 Danise 4-5 Erik...
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