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Week 1 (1) - ENGL 483 ENGL 483 Spring 2011 Writing It’s...

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Unformatted text preview: ENGL 483 ENGL 483 Spring 2011 Writing: It’s Everywhere! Writing: It’s Everywhere! • What do you write? • Why do you write? Students’ Attitudes Toward Writing Students’ Attitudes Toward Writing • • • Positives? Frustrations and Resistance? How do we promote the positives and re­route the negatives? When Is Writing Important? When Is Writing Important? • Writing becomes important to students when it is – – – – – – Involving: Someone else writes, too. Personal: Someone wants to know about me. Meaningful: Someone might be impacted. Heard: Someone is listening. Supported: Someone will help me. Commended: Someone likes my ideas. Establishing a Writing Community Establishing a Writing Community • • • Ideas on process? Rituals? What DOES NOT work? 3­2­1 Strategy 3­2­1 Strategy • • • List 3 things you learned today List 2 ideas you had List 1 question or constructive comment ...
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