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Unformatted text preview: ENGL 483 ENGL 483 February 2011 Literacy in the Home Literacy in the Home How do the following family dynamics impact literacy and teacher involvement? Family structure? Language? Culture? Misconceptions Misconceptions What are common misconceptions about low income families and literacy? The reality: limited education, limited funds, limited time, limited transportation What other literacy practices may be learned in the home? What Can Teachers Do? What Can Teachers Do? Home and Community Visits?? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lrYetCYZRe4 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YAFAnAMMiA Ask for family feedback on student’s literacy activities. Invite families to school to share their literacy. Communication/Exchange Literacy Issues Literacy Issues What is meant by an “at­risk” student? – What are some ways to help these students? Opinion of Activities? Opinion of Activities? Examine Barone’s list on p. 185. Choose 3­5 activities you really support and 3­5 that you might see as questionable. Be prepared to support your choices. A Metaphor… A Metaphor… Look at Bratcher's metaphor of Competence, Comfort, and Confidence (5). What is she trying to say about writing instruction? Why is it NOT a linear process? Multiple Intelligences Multiple Intelligences In your base groups, share your two strongest and your two least developed intelligences. Discuss how these different intelligences might impact your teaching – try to do this in the context of writing. Each group will report what they discovered. Modeling Modeling Use technology Work within the writers Past students’ writing Read published works Bring in authors Use other faculty/staff The Writing Process The Writing Process Prewriting Drafting Revising Editing Publishing THIS IS DIFFERENT FOR EVERYONE! Conferencing Conferencing What is effective/ineffective? How do we make sure the writing remains the students’ work? What do you think about the idea of conferencing as conversation? Types of Conferences Types of Conferences Content Design Process Evaluation Editing Editing What is content vs. mechanical editing? What are the important aspects of an editing conference? Revision, Proofreading, Revision, Proofreading, Editing How do these terms compare/contrast? How should they be approached in the classroom? What about involving peers? Publication Publication What are the options? How does this impact students? Writing Triangle Writing Triangle What are the purposes of each corner? Where does it usually fall short? ...
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