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Week 6 and 7 - ENGL 483 ENGL March 2011 Personal Stories...

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Unformatted text preview: ENGL 483 ENGL March 2011 Personal Stories Personal What are genres that lend themselves to What this kind of writing? this What are activities that spark this kind of What writing? writing? Who are the potential audiences? How can we involve other content areas? Why is comfort so key to this genre? Don’t Forget about Poetry! Don’t http://www.studyguide.org/where_I'm_from_ http://ettcweb.lr.k12.nj.us/forms/iampoem.ht Poetry for Any Grade Level Poetry Fold and tear a sheet of paper into eight strips Write four true statements beginning with the Write fragments: I like…, I love…, I hate…, I wish… like…, Now, write four un-true statements using the same Now, prompts prompts Arrange your poem in various ways and decide which Arrange you like best. you Use the title “Truths and Lies” if needed. Expository Writing Expository How can we get students invested in topics? What organizational/prewriting methods can we use? What are genres that lend themselves to this kind of What writing? writing? What are activities that spark this kind of writing? Who are the potential audiences? How can we involve other content areas? Let’s Practice Let’s In your base groups, come up with two In personal and two informational writing ideas that could be used in a content other than Language Arts. other Persuasive Writing Persuasive How can we interest students in this type of How writing? writing? Why is audience especially crucial in this type Why of writing? of What do you think of the emotional, factual, What and authoritative method of organization? and What are genres that lend themselves to this What kind of writing? kind How can we involve other content areas? Let’s Write Persuasively Let’s Let’s look at p. 117 in Bratcher. In your base groups: Complete #2. Complete #4 – use #2 as your basis. Complete #5 – p.112 for help. Literary Writing Literary What does this mean? Genres? How do we help students feel How comfortable with this type of writing? comfortable What fosters this kind of writing? Writing to Learn Writing The Reading-Writing Connection!! Writing about reading? Science? Social studies? Math? Extras/Specials? Remember…. Remember…. Genre choice needs to fit the Genre content/subject!!! content/subject!!! Theme Studies Theme Brainstorm a list of themes that you could Brainstorm see yourself using in the classroom. see Generate a proposal for a thematic unit Generate in your classroom. Make sure to include language arts, science, social studies, music, art, and physical education. music, Teaching Writing Teaching When are we comfortable? When are we confident? When are we competent? Brainstorm a list of qualities, based on Brainstorm what you have learned, of the COMPETENT writing teacher. COMPETENT Triangle for Teaching Writing Triangle Who is the author? Who is the audience? What are the instructional purposes? Curriculum? Curriculum? What are the factors that impact writing What curriculum? curriculum? Which do you feel is the most crucial? How Do Teachers Handle… How Time constraints? The “strange” idea of writing? Planning Writing Plan class goals Base assignments on those goals Let writing assignments meet multiple Let goals goals Understanding by Design Evaluating Writing Evaluating What belongs in a writing rubric? When should students receive rubrics? Who should design the rubric? What is AUTHENTIC ASSESSMENT? Evaluation Suggestions Evaluation Give specific suggestions. Hold conferences. Allow revision. Use custom rubrics. Should you evaluate everything? Who Should decides what is evaluated? decides Who should do the evaluating? Finishing Bratcher Finishing In your base groups, list five –seven In “Take Away Messages” or “Big Ideas” that you gleaned from our study of Bratcher. Bratcher. ...
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