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Unformatted text preview: ENGL 483 ENGL April 2011 Response Strategies Response Writing Conferences • • • • • • • Keep it positive! Let the student speak. Ask questions. Give suggestions, not criticisms. Use a guide of some sort Be short and specific! Make them personal!! Response Strategies Response Rubrics Notes within the paper Personal editing system Technology­enhanced responses Teacher-Centered Evaluation Teacher-Centered Most common, most traditional style Teacher designs rubric, evaluates work, assigns grades Teacher has control over goals Self-Evaluation Self-Evaluation Students set their own goals. Very student­driven What are the pros/cons of this approach? Peer-Centered Evaluation Peer-Centered Evaluations are class­ or group­designed. Peers assign grades. Pros and Cons? Student/Teacher Evaluation Student/Teacher Students give input Set personal goals in conferences Contracts Management Systems Management Grade Averaging – Maggie Checklists– Samantha Anec. Recs. and Cumulative Fldrs. – Kit Contracts and Portfolios – Brittany In what situations might each of these systems be useful? What are their drawbacks? Using State Standards in the Classroom Classroom What do you think of this idea? Pros and Cons? Using Virginia’s Guidelines Using Let’s look through the NCS Mentor guidelines for the Grade 5 Writing Assessment. Now, in your groups, use these VA guidelines to evaluate the samples on pp. 178, 179, 184, 185. Evaluation Options Evaluation Context determines choice – there is no right or wrong! Plan a grading system for Mr. Lincoln (p. 128) • • • • Grading approach? Evaluation style? Response strategy? Management system? How have your ideas changed? Where do you see yourself along Bratcher’s continuum (127)? Bratcher’s Rules Bratcher’s Design your evaluation along with a writing assignment. Base instruction and evaluation on context. Keep your students informed – be proactive! All assessments should be authentic and aligned. How can evaluation promote writing instruction? instruction? Voluntary student revision post­grade Add components over time – makes learning authentic. Progressive grade weight Designing an Evaluation System Designing Katelyn’s Group:144­156 Kristen’s Group:169­170 Katie’s Group:171­172 Erik’s Group:181­183 Designing an Evaluation System Designing Imagine that these are samples from past years. You are the new teacher. Design the evaluation to this writing assignment. Answer the following questions: • Grade level? • What will be emphasized: context, content, structure, mechanics, process? • What approach will you take: analytic, blended, holistic? • What will be your response strategy? • What will be your evaluation style: teacher­centered, self­ centered, peer­centered, partnerships? ...
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