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Science Lesson Plan - SUBJECT: Writing and Science GRADE:...

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SUBJECT: Writing and Science GRADE: 4 th STANDARD(S) OF LEARNING: 4.1 GENERAL OBJECTIVES: Students will: NCTE/IRA 5, 11, and 12 Introduction (anticipatory set, focus, relate to previous learning): The students have been learning to plan and conduct investigations in which distinctions are made among observations, conclusions, inference, and predictions. They will scientifically classify the coins given in the bag based on the charts listed on the worksheet. The teacher will have already made bags with coins in them for each individual student. Each bag will contain the same number of coins and types of coin, so that when the students compare their answers, they are able to compare relevant responses. The teacher will then give each individual a bag and have him or her begin working on the worksheet “Science Skill: Classifying Coins.” Then the collaboration of students into pairs will occur and they will review their responses with one another. Then each individual will be given a take home assignment to compose a detailed and descriptive paragraph expanding on the activity, which will be turned in the following day. SPECIFIC OBJECTIVES: Students will: 1. Work individually to classify the coins into various groups (as stated on the given worksheet) 2. Collaborate with a partner to compare and contrast their responses from the worksheet, making sure they understand the concept of classifying coins
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Science Lesson Plan - SUBJECT: Writing and Science GRADE:...

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