seasons social studies lesson

seasons social studies lesson - Teacher: Samantha Lisi,...

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Teacher: Samantha Lisi, Kelsey Nelson, Danise Batista, Katie Horvath, Crystal Carnish Date: April 2011 Subject: Social Studies Grade: Third SOL: Social Studies: 3.4 the student will develop map skills by c) Explaining how the people of Greece, Rome, and West Africa adapted to and/or changed their environment to meet their needs. English-Writing: 3.10 the student will write stories, letters, simple explanations, in short reports across all content areas. General Objective: The students will become a person living in Rome, Greece, or West Africa. They will write a diary explaining how they changed their way of living to adapt to the environment during the summer and winter. IRA/NCTE Objective: Students develop an understanding of and respect for diversity in language use, patterns, and dialects across cultures, ethnic groups, geographic regions, and social roles. Introduction: The teacher will explain the assignment to the students. If any student has a question about the assignment, this is the time to ask. The student will create their diary on their experience. Specific Objectives:
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seasons social studies lesson - Teacher: Samantha Lisi,...

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