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Persuasive Speech outline - Persuasive Speech Preparation...

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Persuasive Speech Preparation Outline *Remember to use 4 different colored inks ! (1.sources, 2. MMS 3. Reasoning 4. Emotional Appeals). Topic: Why people should join the ONE campaign General Purpose: To persuade Specific Purpose: My purpose is for the audience to join the ONE campaign and help join the fight against extreme poverty . Visual Aid: PowerPoint Introduction I. Attention Getter: (Attention ) Can you imagine not knowing where your next meal is coming from? How about not eating or drinking anything for days? Ever live in an extremely un-sturdy house? This is the unfortunate yet true reality of billions of people around the world today. II. Thesis: Extreme poverty is a huge problem today as it is estimated by the UN back in 2005 that around one billion people live under $1 a day. We as United States citizens have the power to help this problem. III. Speaker Credibility/Goodwill: I am part of the ONE campaign and have educated myself further through research about it. IV. Relevance to Audience: None of us live in extreme poverty but as citizens of this world we are responsible for the well being of others especially in times of crisis. (emotional appeal- guilt) V. Preview: Today, I will be emphasizing the need for more support in extreme poverty, offering ways you can support this cause, and the outcomes of this
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Persuasive Speech outline - Persuasive Speech Preparation...

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