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Roberts 1 Rhetorical Analysis Paper Every year there is a public speech that astounds people. That public speaker has such an apt for public speaker that everyone is astounded. This years’ prominent public speaker, in my opinion, is President Obama during his Inaugural Address. President Obama blew the nation away with his choice of words, passion in his voice, and his overall poise. Whether republican or democratic, people can agree that his speeches and speaking techniques are miraculous. His latest inaugural address had people mesmerized. This speech can be broken down and analyzed into why it was so effective. By identifying and evaluating President Obama’s use of reasoning, emotional appeals, and language devices one can see the effectiveness of his inaugural address. President Obama gave his speech on January 20 th , 2009 after he was sworn into oath in front of thousands of people. The audience ranged in race, gender, and age but it was mainly older adults. These people were from many different countries and had different political beliefs. President Obama had to keep current events in his speech since he was relating it to what he hopes to bring in the future. So he had to talk about current problems and how he was going to fix them. External communication such as applause and getting the audience’s attention were things President Obama had to face and overcome. He paused when the public applauded. He also had to make sure he was a captive and energetic speaker so that the audience gained and maintained attention. The rhetorical discourse of the speech was that some of the audience may not believe the same things that President Obama does. Thus would make it harder for President Obama to get his point across to the audience because they don’t believe the same things. It is always a challenge for the speaker to overcome these obstacles from the audience. An important part of a speech is the speaker’s background. This allows for insight into where the speaker is coming from. President Obama was the senator of Illinois so he clearly has
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Roberts 2 a political background. President Obama’s speech exemplified his political and ethnic background. He displayed his beliefs in his speech though his stance on certain policies and his action steps towards those policies. His background of being an African American helped him shape his everyone is equal stance as well. His proposition was many policies including to fix the economic crisis, create a better health care system, carry on a democracy, end broken promises, remember our humble beginnings, bring home the troops in Iraq, create new jobs, and treat people as equals. His main purpose was to introduce himself as the new President and his policies he plans to enact. His sub purposes were steps to create a better nation and economy, like improving healthcare and creating more jobs. President Obama is one of the best and most persuasive speakers I have ever heard.
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rhetorical analysis - Roberts 1 Rhetorical Analysis Paper...

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