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Austin Wen Marketing Homework September 1 , 2009 1. My primary VALS type is Striver, and my secondary type is Achiever. 2. I agree with the survey because my personality tends to meet challenge, and at the same time I enjoy the achievement from conquering all the difficulties. As the description of striver, I really do have a lot of interests on many different subjects. So a lot of times I could not decide what I want to focus on. 3. An apartment complex could use the lower rent/unfurnished apartment unit to
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Unformatted text preview: attract me, as a striver, because I would like to organize and decorate my room instead of having furnished them already. 4. Based on striver’s behaviors, they tend to buy stylish thing because the money and energy are not enough to meet the desire. The cell phone company can use a good-looking cell phone tights with contract. So the strivers will be willing to buy a good phone in low cost and pay the monthly bill....
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