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Austin Wen HW - Eli Lily

Austin Wen HW - Eli Lily - company needs to evaluate the...

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Austin Wen L G4 1. List 3 products marketed by Eli Lilly: Adcirca, Alimta, and Byetta 2. Outline the steps of the NPD process Idea Generation, Idea Screening, Concept Development and Testing, Business Analysis, Beta Testing and Market Testing, Technical Implementation, Commercialization, and New Product Pricing. 3. Apply the information from the Discovering New Drugs section to the NPD process. In discovering new drugs process, first Eli Lilly Company has a group of scientists who generate idea in creating or finding unique molecules for some specific diseases. Second, they screen the molecules to find the one has the most potential to be medicine. In the development stage, Lilly scientists learn much more about how the new compound metabolizes in the body and intervenes in the disease to development new concept and testing process. After development, the
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Unformatted text preview: company needs to evaluate the new drug’s safety by business analysis to make it safe enough to sell in the market. The beta testing is based on animal testing to see the effect. Once the animal testing is completed and proved safe, they will start to test on human body for clinical trial. After the drug has passed the clinical trial, Lilly will start to exam the cost and technology that specifically used for producing this drug, and then commercialize the drug and set up a price to meet cost and revenue. 4. Eli Lilly’s finance team demands the new employees who need to have accounting stills, corporate finance, leadership, etc. They are looking for the future executives that can run the company with the program....
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