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Austin Wen HW - research

Austin Wen HW - research - day We can randomly sample some...

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Austin Wen L G4 1. Step One: Indentify Problem. On UGA campus, there are so many students drive to classes but there are limited parking spaces. So the UGA parking service issues the parking permits that are expensive for discouraging the students to drive to the campus. However, not all the students who have parking permit need it throughout the weekdays. Some of them might only need to use it ever other day. So, the UGA parking service can issue two more different parking permits: Monday-Wednesday-Friday or Tuesday-Thursday. 2. Step Two: Plan Design/Gather Data Since this problem and opportunity is in UGA, the parking service can ask the class administration for students’ class schedules to see how many students have class every other day. 3. Step Three: Specify Sampling Procedure Once the parking service identify the students’ who only have classes every other
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Unformatted text preview: day. We can randomly sample some of them out for sending them an email service through UGA email. 4. Step Four: Collect Data And the students who receive the survey will respond to some pros and cons for this idea. 5. Step Five: Analyze Data Based on the data we got from the survey, we can tell whether the students are interested in this or not to decide to issue the new parking permit. 6. Step Six: Prepare/Present Report After finished analyzing the data from the students, we have to present the research to the head of the parking service and to the school to show our conclusions from the survey and let them make the final call of deciding to issue the new parking permits. 7. Step Seven: Follow Up If they school does issue the new parking permit, we have to keep our eyes on the new parking environment to see whether the parking has been improve or not....
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Austin Wen HW - research - day We can randomly sample some...

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