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Austin Wen G-4 1. My target market for my future career will focus on the actuary industry. The two most desired companies I want to work for are the Blue Cross Blue Shield and State Farm. Being an actuary needs to use mathematics and statistics to help the company to manage their own risk. At the same time, actuary needs to have some businesses background in order to succeed. 2. I graduated from Terry the college of business with Risk management major and minor in statistics. I know how to use statistical method to interpreted data for providing useful business information to set the insurance premium. And I will finish
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Unformatted text preview: the actuary program with the actuary certification to prove myself. 3. I will be available either on the northeast or the west coast of the US. 4. I ask for 50,000 a year in the very beginning of the career, and every year has at least two weeks of vacation. I would like to have the stock option of the company. 5. I have the certification of Actuary and I involved in insurance society back to college. I know how to speak Chinese and English fluently....
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