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Austin Wen LG4 Ben Hailey LG5 Advertising – The Gatorade advertisements are mostly related to sport that is a huge population for the company to reach out. For example, its commercials appear during the football games or baseball games in which the Gatorade tries to build their products’ images to associate with hydration after the sweaty exercises. Especially during the NFL football game, there are many Gatorade drink containers beside on the sidelines. Public relations - Gatorade’s publicity comes from the athletes who endorse the products, such as the big names like Derek Jeter or Tiger Woods. They communicate with the customers that Gatorade is a positive and healthy drink for whoever exercises, and those big stars drink Gatorade because of that. Sales promotion – Gatorade’s main products are sports drinks that range in price from $1.09 to $5.00. With low prices like these, the company has to strategically
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Unformatted text preview: provide ways to provide consumers with cost saving benefits while meeting the company’s margins. Some of the coupons that I have observed are $1 off the purchase of 2 or more containers of Gatorade powder. This and other coupons show that the company does not mind providing coupons, but they want the consumer to purchase more than one of their products. – Personal selling – Gatorade tries to impact the consumer’s wallet by providing grocery stores, gas stations and workout facilities with banners and other promotions supplies. Since the company does have over 30 professional athletes sponsored, they have created a cardboard cutout of an athlete consuming the product. An example is Payton Manning drinking out of a Gatorade bottle on the competition field. This is often displayed on the entrance of the isle to grab the shoppers attention....
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