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Market 3000 overview

Market 3000 overview - social economic technology political...

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Marketing = Determining the needs of a targeted group of consumers and satisfying those need by using 4 P’s of marketing to create an immediate exchange of value and a long term relationship . Product orientation = Focus in on internal capability and technology. vs. Sales orientations = Focus in on aggressive sales techniques . vs. Societal Marketing Orientation = Focus is on enhancing benefits to society . Marketing concept = Make what you can sell rather than selling what you can make. Marketing Environment = Uncontrollable elements outside of any organization that may affect its performance. Factors: Geographic
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Unformatted text preview: , social , economic , technology , political , competitive 4 Sets of Norms: Societal norms , General business norms , Company norms , and Personal norms ( Moral Idealism , Utilitarianism ). Consumer Behavior Model = Marketing stimuli (4 P’s) Buyer’s thought process Buyer’s action. Consumer Decision-Making Process = Need Recognition Information Search Evaluation of Alternatives ( Evoked Set ) Purchase Postpurchase Behavior Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs = Physical Safety Social Esteem Self-actualization....
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