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Mark 3000 IMC HW March23

Mark 3000 IMC HW March23 - programs like Play60 and others...

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Jacob McMillen The National Football League (NFL) Advertising – the NFL has an extensive advertising campaign, driven primarily through TV spots and internet promotion. The company has a great deal of leverage with TV networks involved with sports coverage and advertisements can be seen on a plethora of channels all year long. Online, NFL.com has been extensively developed into an informational as well as commercial site. Public Relations – the NFL’s PR is driven primarily through coverage by sports network ESPN. The NFL has many sources who intentionally leak “breaking news” to ESPN. Roger Goodell, the current commissioner of the league, has undertaken an aggressive campaign to reform the league’s image from a group of athletic thugs to an organization of professionals and upstanding citizens by “severely” punishing players who get into trouble, whether they are convicted of crimes or not. Additionally, charity
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Unformatted text preview: programs like Play60 and others are made visible to the public through advertisements. Sales Promotions – the NFL does promotions like most other companies although they usually are done on a team-by-team basis. The NFL has 32 teams and each is in charge of running their own promotions and sales. Common promotional events include giving out thousands of foam fingers or shirts to fans before a game. Teams will have fan appreciation days where loyal fans can get into events for free. The Pittsburg Stealers give away thousands of yellow “terrible” towels before home playoff games. Personal Selling – the major sources of revenue for the NFL are ticket sales and TV contracts. TV contracts are orchestrated by the league’s executives and a special team employed for that specific task. Ticket sales are made online as well as at the event by employees hired to operate the ticket booths....
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