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MARK 3000 Strgy HW April25

MARK 3000 Strgy HW April25 - strategy constantly adding new...

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Strategy Homework Jacob McMillen 1) Growth Strategies Market Penetration (existing markets, existing products) – Gillette is currently using a market penetration strategy in an attempt to gain a greater market share in the men’s shaving industry. It is using a massive television advertising campaign, attempting to gain competitors’ customers through advertised trial matches pitting Gillette’s razors against those of its competitors. Product Development (existing markets, new products) – Apple, Inc. used the product development strategy to gain market share in the personal computing sector from one-time monopoly Microsoft through leading the industry in the creation of new mobile computing products such as the iPod and the iPhone. Market Development (new markets, existing products) – Nickelodeon used the market development strategy when it aired its animated series Avatar: The Last Airbender internationally after achieving tremendous success in the U.S. Diversification (new markets, new products) – Wal-Mart uses the diversification
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Unformatted text preview: strategy, constantly adding new products to attract new market segments and increase sales volume. 2) Consolidation Strategies • Harvesting – The movie industry used a harvesting strategy when it cut down on the resources devoted to producing VHS tapes in favor of DVD’s and eventually cut them out all together • Divestment – General Motors used the divestment strategy when it cut its entire Pontiac car line during its financial restructuring in 2009. • Pruning – Pepsi’s Mountain Dew product line has experimented with a variety of flavors through the years but has ultimately pruned each flavor other than the original and “Code Red” flavors. • Retrenchment – Google used the retrenchment strategy when it shut down its operations in China after deciding the Chinese government’s censorship and ever-changing demands were not worth the trouble for the time being....
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