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CHAPTER 2 - Goals • should be achievable • Dan Sullivan...

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CHAPTER 2 Types of Uncertainty 1. State – base level environmental uncertainty 2. Effect – uncertainty of effects of change on environment 3. Response – uncertainty of consequences of particular decisions Org. Responses to Uncertainty 1. Defenders – efficiency expert in a narrow market a. Harley Davidson 2. Prospectors – searching for new opportunities a. Amazon.com 3. Analyzers – follow the leader in stable markets a. Teva Pharmaceuticals 4. Reactors – wait to be forced into change, often too late a. Kodak Essentials of Planning 1. Mission a. Starbucks: August 20 th price changes (Website) b. Google: finance.yahoo.com (Website) 2. Objectives 3. Strategy 4. Mission Statement a. Defines b. Inspires c. Says How d. Establishes priorities e. States common goal
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f. Creates philosophical anchor g. Generates enthusiasm h. Empowers i. Scott Adams – A mission statement is defined as a long, awkward sentence that demonstrates management’s inability to think clearly. ii. Chick-fil-a (Website)
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Unformatted text preview: Goals • should be achievable • Dan Sullivan – No matter how fast you run toward the horizon, you’ll never get there Planning Horizons 1. Strategic: 1 – 10 years 2. Intermediate: 6 months – 2 yeas 3. Operational: 1 week – 1 year Graphical Planning Methods • Flow Charts • Grantt Charts • Pert Networks o Event – milestones representing start or finsh o Activity –work in progress bookended by events o Time – estimated time = + + Te To 4Tm Tp6 Critical path – the most time consuming chain of events/activities, the disruption of which will cause the entire project to be delayed • Break-Even Analysis o =-BEP Break Even Point FCP VC o MBO – Management by Objective – management system based on measurable goals and participative goal setting. 1. Set objectives 2. Develop action plan 3. Periodic review 4. Performance appraisal o o...
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CHAPTER 2 - Goals • should be achievable • Dan Sullivan...

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