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African Economies

African Economies - African Economies Most African...

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African Economies Most African economies are dependent on agriculture , specifically, low-resource agriculture. About 60 percent of Africans work in the agricultural sector with the number rising to 75 percent in sub-Saharan Africa. It contributes 17 percent of the continent's total GDP and accounts for 40 percent of the foreign currency earnings. 60 percent of African farmers are subsistence farmers. They rest are cash crop farms, run by corporation or wealthy people and employing large #’s of people, but producing less than 5 percent of Africa's food production. Excess capacity is devoted to crops for export. Thus, there is no extra food and any crisis leads to widespread starvation. Most farms are "low-resource agriculture ." This involves complex, diverse, changing farming systems that essentially minimize risk even if at the expense of yield. They are highly diversified, producing a wide array of crops and several types of livestock. They allow for different crops to be grown on the same land. It depends on local knowledge of biological
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