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Lesson 6 - Assignment 6 Part One Multiple Choice Questions...

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Assignment 6 Part One – Multiple Choice Questions. 15 points Select the best answer for each of the following questions. (Questions 1-15) Question 1 Africans are said to be in all things religious! true Question 2 The challenges to the understanding and study of African Traditional Religions include all but one of these: lack of religious personnel Question 3 According to UCA, the number of Christians in Africa is estimated to be: 360 million Question 4 The works of scholars such as Parrinder, Mbiti, Sawyer, and Idowu have confirmed that the concept of monotheism is too complex for the African mind. false Question 5 Within Yoruba traditional religion, a single God rules over the universe, with several hundred lower deities, who are personified aspects of nature and/or ancestral spirits. true Question 6 Donna Beatrice, who declared that Christ and the apostles were black, was from which African country? Angola Question 7 Which missionaries brought Christianity to Sub-Saharan Africa in the 15th century? Portuguese
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In what century did the Arabs arrive in (North) Africa? 7th Question 9 According to UCA, there were how many new denominations or African indigenous churches spread throughout most of Africa by the 1960s? 6000 Question 10 The earliest appeal of Islam was due to its association with cosmopolitanism and its tolerance for some African traditions true Question 11 Among which people (illustrated in Unit 2) is God conceived as having three forms that are named brothers? Enkole Question 12 According to UCA, colonialism indirectly promoted Islamic expansion through the introduction of improved communications and rapid social change. true Question 13 The functions of magic, as believed in many parts of Africa, are to protect or to harm. true Question 14 The discussion of religious change and conflict (Unit 5) provides illustrations for religious conflict in all but one of these African countries: Algeria Question 15 Christianity was first practiced in which of the countries listed below? Egypt
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Lesson 6 - Assignment 6 Part One Multiple Choice Questions...

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