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Intro Essay - Jacob McMillen 1165 English 1102 Progress in...

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Unformatted text preview: Jacob McMillen 1165 English 1102 Progress in Writing: an Exhibition This semester has been a very enjoyable one. English 1102 is one of the more enjoyable classes I have taken over my academic career, and I will enter next semester much more prepared as a writer. While I already considered myself a decent writer coming into the class, this course has solidified existing skills and added new ones to my writing repertoire. The three ways that I have improved most over the course of English 1102 are in my ability to use textual evidence in support of my claims, to draw conclusions based on text analysis, and to analyze and refine my own papers and the papers of my peers. After writing my first paper, it was brought to my attention that I was lacking sufficient textual evidence. Accordingly, I made it a point to add significantly more textual evidence to my next paper and everyone after. In my second paper, titled The Curse of a Lifetime, I used sixteen quotes from the text I was using and interwove them into the course of my argument. Additionally, I used the actual words from the story to make my points and followed my claims with actual quotes from the book. Once again, Mrs. Slade fits the bill. As seen from the reader's omnipotent point of view, Slade's on-hand description of Ansley is full of positive words such as exquisite, charming, and distinguished (877). Indeed she describes the Ansley couple as good- looking, irreproachable, [and] exemplary (877). And as so often happens with the envious, great entertainment is experienced at the thought of the subject of their envy...
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Intro Essay - Jacob McMillen 1165 English 1102 Progress in...

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