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Paragraph Revision Showcase

Paragraph Revision Showcase - Jacob McMillen English 1102...

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Jacob McMillen English 1102 Revision Exhibit An incredible amount of thought, cognitive willpower, and time goes into writing an academic paper. Every sentence must flow, and every paragraph must be structured. Often, my work, as anyone else's, must be revised multiple times in order to meet the standards required. The following selection is the second paragraph from this course's first writing assignment. I chose it because it is a good example of the revision process my papers generally undergo. The first draft is the basic idea, the basic structure, and overall very close to the final result. My paper then undergoes a peer review which primarily helps with grammar, leading to my second draft. I then discuss the draft with my teacher, who instructs me on more large-scale problems. This semester, my “large-scale” problems and consequently the bulk of my improvement were related to supporting evidence. As can be seen with this paragraph, I added a greater amount of supporting evidence in my third draft then was present in my second draft. While it may seem that this paragraph did not change drastically form draft one to draft 3, that is generally the case in my papers. This paragraph, in fact, has more changes then are generally made and that is why I chose it to represent my revision process. Draft One A piece of writing that in any shape or form significantly affects a portion of history deserves the title of “literature.” This definition brings up the ambiguity of the word significant as some individuals have varying ideas on the size it entails. However, assuming that the reader is a generally normal human being, significant includes any form of writing important enough to be included in a history textbook, and beyond that, I will once again assume that significance is self-explanatory. There are many examples of writings that have affected and at times shaped the course of human history. Religious texts are the first that come to mind, simply because of the massive scope their influence has
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on the world today. A large majority of the modern world’s population live their lives based on the views expressed in their respective religious texts. Expansive wars, bloody massacres, and
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Paragraph Revision Showcase - Jacob McMillen English 1102...

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