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Peer Review Exhibit

Peer Review Exhibit - Jacob McMillen English 1102 Peer...

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Jacob McMillen English 1102 Peer Review Exhibit Peer editing is an important step in the revision process of any paper. While the majority of one's writing will always be derived directly from the author, the perspective of an outside party can tremendously improve that writing. These improvements can be as simple as fixing grammatical errors that one cannot discern while reading his or her own writing or as complex as adding significant structural ideas to the paper. In the following example, I helped a classmate by pointing out both the simple grammatical errors, such as capitalization errors, missing commas, and poor word chose, and the more important structural errors, including a misleading thesis and a lack of clarity as to the direction of the paper. Why Study Literature? By Kate Quadagno Literature presents the opportunity to learn lessons through other’s past experiences. It teaches in such a way that history does not have to repeat itself, so long as people are willing to read, learn and remember. Because messages concerning prejudice, war and government control are conveyed through many different works, including To Kill a Mockingbird , All Quiet on the Western Front , and 1984 , we, the readers, are responsible for taking to heart the ideas that go beyond mere words printed on pages and carrying them out, making them applicable in today’s society, as well as in our daily lives. The Pulitzer Prize- winning novel, To Kill a Mocking Bird, written by Harper Lee, focuses on racial injustice as well as the importance of maintaining integrity. The story is told by Scout Finch, a six-year-old girl, living in Maycomb, Alabama, during the years of the great depression. Her father, Atticus, is assigned the difficult task of defending, Tom Robinson, an African American accused of
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raping a young white girl. Atticus’s determination to fight for justice to prove Robinson innocent
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Peer Review Exhibit - Jacob McMillen English 1102 Peer...

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