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Eric Clapton - o Cream(1966-68 With Jack Bruce(bass and...

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Eric Clapton Blues influences o Big Bill Broonzy o Ramblin’ Jack Elliot o Blind Boys Fuller o Muddy Waters o Howlin’ Wolf o Robert Johnson Style Characteristics o Chicago blues traits Bends (Single and double stops) Finger Slides Loose rhythm o Long-sustained notes o Even vibrato o Repeated notes o Percussive picking style Various Groups o Yardbirds (1963-65) Blues based Rave-up: extended improvisation based on 12-bar blues progression o Bluesbreakers (1965-66) with John Mayall
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Unformatted text preview: o Cream (1966-68) With Jack Bruce (bass) and Ginger Baker (drums) First “super group” Album Oriented Rock (AOR) band o Blind Faith (1968-69) With Steve Winwood, Ginger Baker o Derek and the Dominos (1970-71) With Duane Allman o Solo (1974-present) • Blues/Rock ‘n’ Roll based o The Rolling Stones (London) o The Animals (Newcastle) o Spencer Davis Group (Birmingham) o The Yardbirds (London)...
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