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Heavy Metal - Thick-textured sound o Form Mostly riff-based...

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Heavy Metal Terms o Derived from psychedelic rock o AKA “Hard Rock” o Substyles include Speed metal Thrash Death metal (Black metal) White metal o 19 th Century (Britain) Big guns on warships Person of heavy power or influence o 20 th Century rock Concepts, images of power, intensity o Electrical, mechanical power Tesla AC/DC Motorhead o Dangerous, unpleasant animals Ratt Scorpions o Dangerous, unpleasant people Twisted Sister Motley Crue o Blasphemy, mysticism
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Black Sabbath Judas Priest Blue Oyster Cult o Death, terror of death Anthrax Poison Megadeth Slayer o Archaic, Gothic Queensryche o Archaic spelling (“misspelling”) Led Zeppelin Def Leppard Style Characteristics o Sound: Vocals mixed into overall sound Loud volumes Lead guitar oriented Electronic distortion
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Unformatted text preview: Thick-textured sound o Form: Mostly riff-based songs Some dependence on basic forms (strophic, standard, hybrid) o Harmony: Simple chord progressions 3-5 chords in basic progression Progressions based on guitar practical technique Power chord (root/fifth) Bass ostinato (riff) is the harmonic basis o Time: Fast tempos Simple duple/quadruple meters Strong, hard backbeat Bass ostinato (riff) is also rhythmic basis o Melody: Vocals limited in range Guitar solos have wide range o Other: Album-oriented bands Some lyrics cultivated negative images • Witchcraft, black magic, death, suicide (“occult rock”) • Many lyrics deal with sex, drugs, drinking, and partying...
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Heavy Metal - Thick-textured sound o Form Mostly riff-based...

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