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HistRock Test 3 Study Guide - Terms Vamp a short chord...

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Terms Vamp – a short chord progression that is repeated multiple times as a way of marking time Musique concrete – manufactured sound Polyrhythm – two or more rhythms performed simultaneously Polyphonic texture – two or more independent melodic lines Fill – an instrumental embellishment played during breaks in a vocal melody Riff – a short melodic or rhythmic pattern that is repeated over and over while musical changes take place over the fragment Happening – impromptu performance involving some level of improvisation Montuno – an extended improvisation section usually based on two chords: minor 7 th chord built on the 2 nd degree and the dominant 7 th chord; key of G = Am7 + D7 Power trio – band consisting of guitar, base, and drums; makes use of amplification and is common among metal bands Power chord – root/fifth Aleatory/Aleatoric – composition left up to performers discretion: “chance music” Rave up – an extended, improvised jam session based on a 12-bar blues progression and associated with the British group the Yardbirds Glam rock/Glitter – forerunners to punk New wave – reinvention of 1960’s rock ‘n’ roll; emerging from punk but with a more polished sound; dance-oriented music with frequent use of synthesizers People/Groups Andrew Oldham – manager of the Rolling Stones Chas Chandler – record producer who discovered Jimi Hendrix Arthur Rimbaud – symbolist poet who influenced Jim Morrison’s vocals Allan Ginsburg – beat poet who influenced Jim Morrison’s vocals Aldous Huxley – author of the book The Doors of Perception , the title of which led to the name of the band The Doors.
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Augustus Owsley – soundman and financier of the Grateful Dead; first large producer of LSD The Glimmer Twins – producers of the Rolling Stones Billy Cox – played bass with Jimi Hendrix in bands such as the King Kasuals and the Band of Gypsys Alan Parsons – engineered Dark Side of the Moon for Pink Floyd The Velvet Underground – proto-punk rock group, Waiting for the Man (1967) Andy Warhol – famous pop artist Malcolm McLaren – manager of the Sex Pistols Nanker Phelge – group persona of the Rolling Stones signifying that the entire band was responsible for a song’s composition Syd Barrett – guitar player and vocalist for Pink Floyd Jimmy Page – virtuosic lead guitarist for Led Zeppelin The Yardbirds – British blues based rock band known for rave ups and employing both Eric Clapton and Jimmy Page; through Page, the band eventually morphed into Led Zeppelin John Paul Jones – bass and keyboard player for Led Zeppelin Jello Biafra – lead singer and songwriter of the Dead Kennedys John Mayall – singer who played with Eric Clapton in the Bluesbreakers Cream – first “super group,” with Eric Clapton on guitar, Jack Bruce on bass, and Ginger Baker on drums The Ramones
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HistRock Test 3 Study Guide - Terms Vamp a short chord...

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